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Discoverng Nature without Skiing

Will the winter be dedicated to the SLONS and without skis? To find out, we will have to wait, but it will surely be a different winter.

For the Christmas holidays, closed lifts and travel limits could be an opportunity for alternative snow holidays. Obviously, we all hope that chairlifts, cable cars and ski lifts will reopen and you can go back to skiing in total safety, but here’s what you can do while waiting. Rhemy, bernardo, Aosta, benessere

A few years ago the acronym Slons (Snow Lovers No Skiers) began to be used a lot to indicate all those who preferred to enjoy the snow in an alternative way, for example with snowshoes or simply by walking.bosco, animali, cervi, caprioli

If you can’t ski we hope to be able to at least snowshoeing, this practice is beautiful, simple and sustainable, it allows you to experience nature in a magical, silent and almost surreal atmosphere. Our Valley is full of routes that can be done with snowshoes during the day, at night, in the moonlight and so on and so forth.

Unlike skiing, this activity does not cause any structural damage to the territory and has made the mountain accessible to all in winter.

Our advice, however, is to be accompanied by a CertifiedGuide who, in addition to choosing the most suitable and safe route for your needs, will take you to places that are unique in terms of charm and beauty.

You will learn to discover that not all snow is the same, that everything has a reason and a sauna, racchette, slittino, senza scifunction.

And if you love photography it becomes an unmissable experience, bright colors, candid landscapes and naturciaspole, bambini, neve, montagna, vacanza, senza scie, a real paradise.

After a day outdoors among the trees, going back there is our Finnish sauna waiting for you, a dry sauna that can help you relax your muscles and relax pleasantly, for the more courageous there is also the dip of ritual in the snow.

At the end a special cuddle, one of our much loved herbal teas served in the chalet.

However, if this is not enough for you and by now the spirit of Nature has taken possession of you, there is the possibility of learning the art of natural remedies, knowing the right combinations of foods and plants according to the season and entering a sphere of total well-being. , here we propose a special moment with our explorer in medieval medicine Carlotta Minero Re di Remedi Noa, functional pharmacist.

This is an opportunity to discover a different mountain, no less beautiful, certainly more real.ciaspole, natura, neve, trekking, #skialps, senza sciescursioni, ciaspolare, sole, senza sci

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