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fondo a Flassin

A bit of Sport just after a bit of Panettone

Accomplices restrictions and “colors of regions” Christmas and not, it could be that the panettone on our tables were not too volatile. Here then is a practical-sporty solution with great results: cross-country skiing.

The benefits of cross-country skiing (or Nordic as it is otherwise defined) for the body are remarkable, it is a practice in which fatigue and technique come together in an elegant and balanced movement. With cross-country skiing the whole body is activated, with the muscles moving more easily than in power, making them supple and snappy, it has an excellent toning effect and helps to refine the silhouette. It is also a perfect exercise for the cardiovascular system, especially after a healthy Breakfast with local products.

The best thing, however, is that the fund is for everyone. Even if you just “walk” with your skis on, without letting them slide in the true sense of the term, you do physical activity outdoors, and it is also the most “aerobic” discipline among outdoor sports. This is confirmed by physiologists and technical trainers, because the coordinated use of arms and legs makes Nordic skiing a sport with a very high calorie consumption.

The most important thing is instead the benefit that our mind gets from it. By doing sports outdoors, in tranquility, in the woods, you free yourself from everyday stress and help you see your life from another perspective.

So, starting from Nuit with skis on, enjoy the beautiful Flassin ring that takes you, if you want, to Etrouble.

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