AperiSupper or Supper

Nuit is organized to prepare either an AperiSupper (inside or outside depending on wheather) or a Supper. But remember, Nuit is not a Restaurant!



AperiSupper is served in the Breakfast Room, but it can change name and place becoming AperiTub (in the HotTub during Summer) or AperiOut (in the garden if weather conditions are favourable) always relying on the quality of local products. Trays with the best of Valle d’Aosta production of cured meats and cold cuts, a selection of Alpine cheeses from the Upper Gran San Bernardo Valley and beyond, vegetables from the garden. Obviously, being niche products, the offer may vary from time to time.

In the “Tagliere Rosso”: Motzetta, Jambon de Bosses, Jambon de Saint Oyen a la Brase, Saouseusse, Boudin, Veined lard and Pleiney honey.

In the “Tagliere Bianco” you’ll find ‘fresh cheese’: Reblec and Chutney of figs and apples, Tomini with lemon jam, Seras with herbs from La Coumba, Central Valley Dairy.

In the “Tagliere Giallo” semi-cured cheese from the center of Aosta Valley: Latteria della Centrale, 3-month Toma, 6-month Toma, Bleu d’Aoste.

In the “Tagliere multicolor” the excellences of Gran San Bernard Pass: Toma with herbs, Summer Toma, Fontina di Alpeggio (#35), Extra-aged Toma (12 months and more).

From the garden: Nuit back-yard garden salad, Vacuum-packed carrots drowned in mountain butter, Onion a l’Agrodenso, marinated zucchini .

Nuit’s AperiSupper is served to a minimum of 2 people, it must be booked at least one day in advance as we procure raw materials from day to day. Beverages are not included.

AperiSupper: 19,00 €/pax
Minimum 2 people
Beverages are not included

In this case, what is offered by the Apericena is supplemented by soup, cream of vegetable soup or polenta concia, in some cases a Valle d’Aosta sausage stew or stew with potatoes.

As for Dinner we usually propose a couple of alternatives, but we do not want to be a restaurant.

….. it is good to remember: Once can be a nice surprise, twice during a multi-day stay can fit, beyond that boredom might take over!


Nuit’s Supper is served to a minimum of 2 people, they must be booked at least the day before as we procure raw materials from day to day. Beverages are not included. Depending on number of Guests they are not always available.

Supper: 25,00€/pax
Minimum 2 people
Beverages are not included

The selection of VdA wines and GSB beers

The wine selection is made up of labels from the most valid Aosta Valley wine producers, based on our preferences. Maison Anselmet (since 1970 a presence in Italy and abroad), Didier Gerbelle (the emerging one), André Pellissier (the small production), laPlantze (experimentation in the cellar) La Vrille (French experience and bio-agriculture).
International, autochthonous vines and some particularly balanced assemblages. The only exception to the Aosta Valley production is the presence of a vintage prosecco.
The most important reds (LePrisonnier above all) must be “prepared” so we suggest to order at least 3 hours in advance.
The list of available wines is available in room and sent via WhatsApp.

Special space for the Beers of the Gran San Bernardo. A wide selection of craft beers ranging from Napea, the least demanding, to BarleyWine an English Style aged in bottle for 2 years, or perfumed IPA in cans.

Some labels are offered by glass (about 10cl)
Cost varies from label to label
(from 6,00€ to 9,00€ per glass)
(from 25,00€ to 980,00€ per bottle)