The Breakfasts

Two kind of Breakfast! Slow & Fast

Starting the day gently and calmly is one of the gifts you deserve when you manage to escape from the daily stress of working days. This is why we like to pamper our guests with homemade cakes, marmelades and jams, freshly baked bread, tea, coffee in all shapes and sizes, cappuccino, juices and, last but not least, our herbal teas that always manage to make everyone agree.

We always try to offer local products, from milk to yogurt, from honey (in Summer bees are working just in front Nuit) to cheeses (most of them are coming from the high fields of Gran San Bernardo pass). We favor the small producers that are nearby and we like to tell the story that is in each product because only by knowing the work behind it is we able to appreciate its goodness.

We ask our guests to notify us, at the time of booking, of any food intolerances or special requests, in order to organize ourselves and, if possible, meet everyone’s needs.

Cost  10,00 €/head

Special Offers for Families.

In Winter, having to reach the downhill slopes or the cross-country ring early, starting a path with snowshoes or ski mountaineering early or in the summer for a walk or for an ebike outing, it can be convenient to have a Quick Breakfast.

Here then comes Nuit’s FastBreakFast: a hot drink like a cappuccino, a tea, an herbal tea, an American coffee accompanied by a couple of minicroissants or a slice of cake.

And to fill your backpack and refresh yourself while you are out, the PicNic Basket comes to the rescue: a couple of sandwiches, a fruit, a drink and ready to go.

Fast Breakfast  3,00€/head

Special Offers for Families.

PicNic Basket 10,00€