Nuit is not just rooms but also a series of services for your well-being

Finnish Sauna

Runs all year long from 2:00 pm through 9:00 pm

In the Finnish dry Sauna temperature can reach up to 110°C, but the ideal is between 80°C and 90°C. The air inside the sauna is very dry (humidity does not exceed 30%); for this reason a cycle not exceeding 8 – 15 min is recommended, typically for 3 cycles.

The high heat that forms inside the cabin causes heavy sweating which allows to eliminate toxins and waste, even the dead cells in the superficial skin layer are removed. One of the major evidences is the well-being induced by a Sauna session that relaxes  muscles, especially after a sporting activity, also helping muscle recovery thanks to the natural decontracting effect. Finally, the relaxation that the sauna induces allows you to relieve stress and regain energy.

The Nuit sauna can accommodate up to 4 people, but the ideal is for couples; it is available all year round and must be booked at least 2 hours in advance in order to reach the right temperature through wood heating. The sessions are private to ensure maximum comfort for everyone. Access is allowed to adults and minors over the age of 13, if accompanied.

Price 14,00€ per head  (2 people minimum)

Scandinavian Hut Tub

Runs from June through September, from 2:00pm through 11:00pm

The Scandinavian Hot Tub can accommodate up to 6 people, is a wooden tub with an external wood stove, inside seats in fir wood; it has a computerized recirculation pump, fine sand water filtration, the pH is regularly checked so that its value remains neutral, a light chlorination with fungicidal action is carried out, the absence of algae is monitored, an exchange of water is periodically carried out.

The Hot Tub has two operating modes: solar heating in which the water temperature reaches, depending on the month, temperatures up to 28°C, or with wood heating in which the water temperature can reach over 38°C.

The water depth is 80-90 cm, it is ideal for relaxing after a day of hiking and relieving muscle tension as well as for entertaining kids.

Wood Heating: 30,00€/room (2 hours stay)

Chalet to Relaxing

It runs all year long

Chalet – Relaxing Area is a small cottage (surface of about 16sqm) completed in 2017 using the old wood recovered from the main house under renovation, which due to safety regulations could not be reused in the renovation.

Indoor id equipped with wooden chairs of Peruvian origin, but produced by a Finnish company, and little tables.

The chalet is a multifunctional space, in summertime it is ideal for reading, practicing yoga or meditation, enjoying soft drinks or beers. In Winter, the temperature inside reaches a maximum of 9°C and is therefore ideal for relaxing between one sauna cycle and the next (and before the traditional final snow bath) and hydrating with one of the famous hot or cold herbal teas of the Nuit.

On summer evenings it is the perfect place to play cards or sip a genepy in the silence of the village.

Free entrance, but reservation is mandatory.